RadioAnatomy: A New Free Android Application for Radiologists

RadioAnatomy: A New Free Android Application for Radiologists

Radiologists require up-to-date materials, applications and services to ease their work. Radiological Anatomy is one of the most important required topics for radiologists, medical students, radiology students and orthopedics.

What's Radioanatomy?

Radioanatomy (x-ray anatomy) is an anatomy discipline which involves the study of anatomy through the use of radiographic films.
Radiological anatomy is a necessary component of training for radiologists as well as medical students. src.

RadioAnatomy App

"RadioAnatomy" is  a lightweight Android application that come to assist  radiologists and medical students to cover RadioAnatomy topic. It collects all available radiological anatomic modules in one application, easy-to-use, which saves the radiologists the time and effort to file the same resources online.

The application is under active development by its developers as they are feeding it more images with every update.

Despite it's a newly released application, it received many positive reviews and comments from its users.


  • East-to-use
  • Well organized
  • Works offline
  • Supports many old android versions
  • Lightweight 4.3 mb
  • Download support
  • Supports multiple screen resolutions.

In-App Advertisements?!

The application contain ads, which may not seem professional but, it's a free application after all. The developers may consider creating another paid edition without ads which I believe will be popular for many radiologists and students who don't like to be interrupted or distracted by advertisements.

Download RadioAnatomy

  • RadioAnatomy at Google PlayStore - link.