Robust Backup, Backup Your Files on Windows with Ease

Robust Backup, Backup Your Files on Windows with Ease

Robust Backup is a highly efficient file backup solution that provides seamless user experience, effortless synchronization, flexible scheduling options, and advanced functionalities such as volume snapshot and exclusion lists.

Built on the powerful Microsoft Robocopy tool, it is fully compatible with both Windows 10 64-bit and Windows 11. Stay up-to-date with automatic updates through the convenient "Softs'ium Update" feature.

For future reference: The volume snapshot option (copying files in use) is available, and there is also the capability to create a list of excluded folders or files.


  • Backup, restore, and synchronize incremental folders and files to ensure data safety and accessibility.
  • Utilize VSS backup to secure shadow copies of locked files that are currently in use.
  • Implement a flexible schedule for automated backups to streamline the backup process and ensure regular data protection.
  • Additionally, consider implementing features such as file versioning, file compression, and encryption to further enhance data backup capabilities.


GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)


Robust Backup
Download Robust Backup for free. Robust Backup is a simple file backup tool. Robust Backup is a simple file backup tool. Easy to use: Choose the source folder and the destination folder (hard disk or network).
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