Senaite: An Open-source Enterprise-grade Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

Senaite: An Open-source Enterprise-grade Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

Senaite is a free open-source self-hosted laboratory information management system (LIMS) that built for enterprise. It offers several features which are cost and resources effective with a rich set of add-ons and a strong supportive community of developers behind it.

In this article we demonstrate Senaite's features and how it helps enterprise through an efficient management for labs, lab equipments and reduce the turnaround time.

What does Senaite LIMS offer?

Senaite has a highly customizable workflow with set of automation tool that include data registration, validation  and automated reports.  Furthermore, it has a user-friendly interface.

Senaite setup (src. Senaite)

It offers seamless equipment integration, auditing tools and customizable automated data insights.

Senaite is a web-based system based on Plone Content Management System, the Python legacy yet powerful and usable system. It's proven to be reliable, secure and extendable.  It works smoothly with all web browsers including desktop (Google Chrome, Chromium, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi, ...etc). It also works well on mobile and tablet browsers because of its responsive design.


Senaite in action (src. Senaite)
  1. Self-hosted
  2. Open-source
  3. Scalable
  4. Web-based compatible with all modern browser
  5. Responsive design that works seamlessly on mobiles and tablets
  6. Customizable workflows
  7. Equipments integration
  8. Auditing and reporting
  9. Samples management
  10. Worksheets
  11. Batches management
  12. Partitions management
  13. Audit logs
  14. Customized security policies
  15. Analysis and calculation tools with large set of Python libraries for complex calculations
  16. Stock management
  17. Instruments management (types, locations, lists, usage)
  18. Profiles management
  19. Labels managements
  20. Analysis templates manager
  21. Analysis types and categories manager
  22. Laboratory departments manager
  23. Analysis services manager
  24. Developer-friendly REST-API

Senaite's packages

Senaite's GitHub repository has a rich set of extensions that extend its functionalities, overall, it has a specific health-care package to run hospital and medical laboratories.

Here are some packages:

  1. SENAITE LIMS extension for Health Care labs
  2. senaite.impress: HTML to PDF Rendering Engine for SENAITE
  3. senaite.databox: Provides data from a configured catalog search and column configuration
  4. senaite.autopublish: Asynchronous and unattended publication of results reports
  5. senaite.queue: Asynchronous task queue for SENAITE
  6. senaite.panic: Panic level alerts for SENAITE LIMS
  7. senaite.instruments: SENAITE Instrument Interfaces
  8. senaite.api: SENAITE API is the Swiss-Army-Knife for SENAITE Core and Add-on developers

Install Senaite with Docker

Developers can install and run Senaite with Docker with a few steps:

$ git clone
$ cd senaite.docker/1.3.3
$ docker build -t senaite .
$ docker run --rm --name senaite -p 8080:8080 senaite


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