SIVIC is an open-source feature-rich DICM viewer

What is SIVIC?

SIVIC is an open-source, standards-based software framework and application suite for processing and visualization of DICOM MR Spectroscopy data. Through the use of DICOM, SIVIC aims to facilitate the application of MRS in medical imaging studies.


  • Dynamic MRS
  • Multi-volumetric images (multi-time point or multi-channel images)
  • Perfusion visualization and DSC analysis
  • GE P-File reading (9.x-26.x, probe-p, mbrease)
  • DICOM MR Spectroscopy reading/writing
  • DICOM MR Image Storage reading
  • DICOM Secondary Capture writing
  • multi-coi, multi-time point MRS data support
  • orthogonal reformatting of MRS views
  • rendering of orthogonal color overlay planes
  • 2D/3D sat bands and volume localization visualization
  • Varian FDF reading
  • Varian fid/procpar reading
  • Siemens .rda reading (beta)
  • single voxel multi-coil recon (prototype/demo)
  • standalone MRS file converter (GE, Varian, Siemens -> DICOM MRS)
  • DICOM Enhanced MR Image Storage Reading
  • DICOM CT Image Storge Reading
  • Siemens .IMA (MRImageStorage) Reading
  • Metabolite Map Generation
  • Export Metabolite Maps to DICOM
  • Philips SPAR/SDAT Reader
  • Integration with LCModel
  • Multiple file formats:
  • Command line tools for batch processing
  • Horos plugin


  • Windows
  • Linux
  • macOS


SIVIC is an open-source project licensed under the BSD License.


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