Startups are Changing How Software is Developed

As more startups spring up every day, the demand for quality software development increases exponentially. Not every startup has the tools or resources available to employ a dedicated development team and that can be a major hurdle to overcome. Software is a critical part of any business, and this is especially true for startups because their software foundation can either make or break their entire business, that’s why some services have sprung up to offer solutions and help these businesses craft their ideal software platforms.

External Dev Teams are Optimizing Software for Startups

Photo by Med Badr Chemmaoui / Unsplash

Some common struggles faced by new businesses are a lack of funding and access to experienced developers. This is why many have turned to external teams to optimize their software to get them off the ground. By utilizing the external , these businesses can save costs while a team of professional developers with existing infrastructures are able to deliver on their software goals. These teams are all around the world and lend a helping hand that many startups can utilize to work on and scale their projects according to their needs.

With these teams, startups can work together with an existing development team to bring their products to the marketplace in record time. Whether they are in the finance, retail, manufacturing, or other industries, they don’t need to adapt their software goals, but the final product can be aligned with their vision thanks to the dev teams’ experience. Costs can also be saved by having the external team tackle development. Instead of having to build up a new team member by member, startups can now just augment with an existing team and work in tandem to realize the goals of the project.

These Teams Fulfill Software Goals

Resources can be managed in more efficient ways thanks to this and the startup doesn’t need to divert its attention away from its new software but is working alongside the dev team every step of the way to ensure the software lines up with their goal. A huge reason startups make this investment is that they keep full control of what the final product looks like and how it functions.

The process begins when the dev team and the business meeting to form a strategy for the project based on the business’s needs, their goals for the project, and their financial forecasts once the product hits the market. From then on, development can begin with the dev team and business scaling the project as necessary, while meeting the decided deadline for completion.

This is great for the business because their software can be completed within a much faster timeframe, and their projects are improved at an exponential rate thanks to the dev teams’ experience. Thanks to this combination, we’ve seen plenty of startups find success and bring their ideas to life in ways that might not have been possible before due to a lack of resources. That’s not only great for businesses, but also for the end-user, who gets their new products faster.

Author: Adam Edmond

Adam Edmond is a technology writer, and previously a software developer. He is a Masters graduate of the National Technical University of Ukraine in Applied Mathematics (department of system programming and specialized computer systems) and having worked as a software developer for Ciklum, he is now based in the USA as a contractor, and loves writing and sharing his experiences.

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