Turn your old PC to a Point-of-Sale (Cash Register) system with Keyhut

Keyhut POS or (DHPOS) is a free lightweight (2.7mb) but a feature-rich point-of-sale program. It's created by Dale Harris who is providing support since he launched the program. Here is an interview with Dale about how everything started.

We have listed Keyhut POS among the top free Point-of-Sale solutions as it has been used by hundreds maybe thousands of users around the world.

Where are the users of Keyhut POS located?
Where are the users of Keyhut POS located?

With hundreds of thank you notes and letters of appreciation for users all around the world, many have stated that they just turned their old abandoned computers to a fully functional point-of-sale with Keyhut POS.

Strawberry Lemonade, Kingfisher Centre, Redditch, United Kingdom (src: Keyhut)
Strawberry Lemonade, Kingfisher Centre, Redditch, United Kingdom (src: Keyhut)

So we will shed some light on why and how to do that?

Why should you choose Keyhut POS?

"Age 5 to adult"

  • Lightweight
  • Minimal setup
  • Minimal configuration
  • Simple and easy-to-use user-interface
Some of Keyhut DHPOS users around the world
Some of Keyhut DHPOS users around the world

Keyhut POS Features

  • Barcode scanners support
  • Reporting
  • Restaurant mode
  • Inventory manager
  • Customers manager
  • Suppliers manager
  • Supports USB bar-code scanners
  • USB printers support
  • Kitchen and Kitchen display modules
  • Remote kitchen printing
  • CSV file imports for products list
  • Multiple printer support
  • Work Offline
  • Multiple cash terminals support
  • Kitchen display
  • Supports many bar-code devices, and printers
  • Pause/ resume sales
  • Reporting on sales, orders, expenses, inventory status
  • Stock and inventory management
  • VAT, GST, customer and multi tiers taxation
  • Dual screen support
925 Sterling Avenue, Mall of America
925 Sterling Avenue, Mall of America (src: Keyhut POS)

New features for international users

  • Dual-tax rates.
  • Different date style inputs support (06-25-2001, 25-06-2001, JUN 25, 2001, 25 JUN 2001)
  • Change receipts into another language.
  • Change the program into another language.
  • No dollar signs.
  • Stock numbers.
  • Included / Added sales tax.
  • Rounding
  • Multiple currencies support.


Keyhut POS is a DOS application that runs natively on 32 bit versions of Windows from 3.1 to 10. However with the use of the DOS emulator DOSBox it will also run under 64 bit versions of Windows and Linux.

Price (FREE)

Though Keyhut POS or (DHPOS) is free software, the developer is accepting $5 donation as he continues developing, updating and supporting his solution.

If you are am Keyhut's user, please drop us a comment about what do you think about it.


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