Vue Advanced Chat : An Open-Source Chat Room App With Vue.js

Vue Advanced Chat : An Open-Source Chat Room App With Vue.js

What is Vue Advanced chat?

Vue Advanced Chat is a web application service that leverages multiple technology, it is compatible with Vue 2,  Vue 3, React and Angular.

It is an open-source, flexible, and customizable.

So, what is it all about? Let us take a closer look at the details.

Vue Advanced Chat

Vue Advanced Chat is an open source chat room web application that built with Firestore, Vuetify, and push notifications.

You can also find it as an alternative to many Chat and Messaging Development SDK and Frameworks, but with some difference.

It is a  fairly new competitor compared to other messengers available. However, it should be a candidate to try as an open-source solution.

This app fully customizable chat room component that share text, messages, files, images and emojis. It allows users to reply to messages, and create their own customized actions. Users also can use their own backend to create and manage several chat rooms with multiple users.

The themes are fully customizable to match user brand.


Vue Advanced Chat

  • Real-time chat messaging
  • customizable
  • backend agnostic
  • images, files and emojis
  • edit messages
  • reply to other messages
  • Flexible option
  • UI elements for seen new and delete messages
  • Custom theming
  • Firestone example
  • Compatible
  • Backend agnostic
  • support edit messages and reply  to other messages
  • Text formatting
  • online / offline users status
  • Flexible option and slots
  • TypeScript, PWA, Web Component support

Download Vue Advanced Chat for web and mobile

You can download Vue Advanced Chat from their official website.

At the time of writing this article, Vue Advanced Chat is compatible only on Vue 2, Vue 3, React and Angular.

Thoughts on using Vue Advanced Chat

The user experience for the app using is pretty satisfying, and checks all the essentials required. It could be better, but it's decent.

Well, there isn't much to say about Vue Advanced Chat GUI. The GUI is very minimal and clear. It is a web room chat app at its core and does exactly that. No stories, no maps, no unnecessary add-ons.

In my limited time of using the app, I am satisfied with its functionalities. The features that it offers, make it a good room chat app for providing a beautiful experience with all the tech behind it.

If you're  going to compare it with some commercially successful room chat apps, it falls short on features. But then again, Vue Advanced Chat is not designed as a trendy chat app with a sole focus on user experience.

So, I would only recommend Vue Advanced Chat for teams who want chatting with each other easily. If you want a balance of user experience and features, you might want to continue using private messengers like Signal.

What do you think about Vue Advanced Chat? Is it a good private messenger for teams? Kindly let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Omama yahia

Written by Omama yahia

Medevel's editor, Technical instructor and a python developer
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