Wake On LAN is a powerful software for Windows that allows you to wake up remote machines, shut down, sleep, or hibernate Windows machines. It also supports scheduling wake-ups, shutdowns, and sleeps (Vista or higher). You can use it via command line or GUI.

The software also provides the ability to shut down Linux machines using a script. It can be minimized to the task tray and has a user-configurable network interface for Wake On LAN. Additionally, it can be set to auto-start with Windows.

There is a debugging tool that displays incoming Wake On LAN packets and it supports complex network environments with subnet directed broadcasts. The software also includes tools to scan the network for hosts, IP addresses, and MAC addresses.

To avoid power spikes, it staggers wake-up events and can send email notifications using the built-in scheduling system. It can be used in both static and DHCP addressing networks. System-tray notifications and balloon tips are available, as well as sound notifications when hosts change state. You can also configure TTL and UDP ports.

The software provides online help and has the capability to wake up machines over the Internet.


  • Wake Up remote machines
  • Shutdown, Sleep, Hibernate Windows machines
  • Schedule wake-ups, shutdowns, sleep, etc (Vista or higher)
  • Command line or GUI
  • Shutdown Linux machines using script
  • Minimize to task tray
  • User configurable network interface for WOL (new)
  • Ability to auto-start with Windows
  • Debugging tool displays incoming WOL packets
  • Supports complex network environments with subnet directed broadcasts
  • Includes tools to scan network for hosts, ip and MAC addresses
  • Avoids power spikes by staggering wake-up events
  • Send email notifications using the built-in scheduling system
  • Can be used in static or DHCP addressing networks
  • System-tray notifications and balloon tips
  • Sound notifications when hosts change state
  • User configurable TTL and UDP ports
  • Online help
  • Wake-Up over the Internet (new)


  • GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3) Resources
  • Download
Wake On Lan
Download Wake On Lan for free. A powerful WOL, ping, shutdown, GUI application. ATTENTION!!! Wol is now hosted on our own servers at http://wol.aquilatech.com.