Wallabag an open source self-hosted app for saving web pages

What is Wallabag?

Wallabag is an open source app for saving web pages to read them later. It allows writers to save and classify articles. It's written with PHP.

Wallabag extracts the articles content and display it in a comfortable view. Wallabag is supported by many feed aggregators, and RSS readers.

To host Wallabag you will need a quality hosting, a professional support, automatic upgrade all of this you get it from wallabag.it services only for €9 per year.


  1. Try if for free
  2. Compatible with your RSS reader
  3. open source
  4. Provides an API
  5. Migrate from other services
  6. Comfortable reading
  7. Migrate from other services
  8. It Supports API
  9. You can import data into Wallabag
  10. It works in many platforms and web application
  11. Open source
  12. Easy to use
  13. Support export and import






Wallabag licensed under the MIT licensed.




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