Xphile: Free Open source Study tool for Mac OSX built for radiologists

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Xphile is a lightweight open source Mac OSX app built by Dr. David Davies-Payne a pediatric radiologist from New Zealand, to help his follow radiologists keep track of their cases. consider it a study note taking the tool for radiologists. Though Xphile integrates well with PACS servers it was not designed to open and display DICOM files.

How does it work?
Xphile allows radiologists to store radiology images from PACS systems to their machine locally ( Apple computers - Mac OSX ), and classify the cases into categories.

Xphile - src


  • Store images from  PACS system
  • Import cases from OsiriX server
  • Easy categories and navigation
  • Simple user interface
  • Albums creation
  • MIRC sites compatible

MacOSX compatibility

The last release of Xphile was release was at 2016, for MacOS 10.7 ( Mac OS X Lion ), however, it works well on the new versions of Mac OS X  including ( OS X Mountain Lion, OS X Mavericks, OS X Yosemite, OS X El Capitan, OS X Sierra, and Mac OS X High Sierra ), I have tested it on Mac 10.13 Mac OS X High Sierra, which works perfectly without issues.

Download and Website

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