40 days of riding and side activities (Off-topic)

40 days of riding and side activities (Off-topic)

That's a quick off-topic post, about my summer with my horse "Kuzey"  (which means north), in the middle of Anatolia. So far, so good with supportive friends and family.

I am still out of practice, and traveling almost daily to focus on my other coding work, project, and taking care of some patients.

My routine is to wake up 5 a.m, start working and finish most of my work by 1 p.m. then go to the farm.

Special thanks to Zeno D., Onur D., Hulusi Tos. , Kadir Ak., Cahit D, Ercan Akg., Omar A, Ali D., Emre P,  Hanny S,  Seljuk S., Ali Agah S, and Emre K for their amazing support.

From the mounted archery practice.

In a long ride with my friend for about 2-3 hrs.

Hand free riding practice, I need more practice to improve.