Keep Your Bookmarks Save, Secure for Free with Buku

Keep Your Bookmarks Save, Secure for Free with Buku
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Buku is a powerful bookmark manager with a command-line interface and a GUI via bukuserver. It provides a private, portable, and merge-able database with seamless GUI integration.

Buku can import bookmarks from browsers or fetch metadata from a URL.

It supports instant search with multiple options, including regex and deep scan. It can look up broken links on the Wayback Machine and has a feature to revisit random bookmarks. Buku does not track users or keep usage analytics.


  • Store bookmarks with auto-fetched title, tags and description
  • Auto-import from Firefox, Google Chrome, Chromium and MS Edge
  • Auto completion
  • Open bookmarks and search results in browser
  • Shorten, expand URLs
  • Browse cached page from the Wayback Machine
  • Text editor integration
  • Lightweight, clean interface, custom colors
  • Powerful search options (regex, substring...)
  • Continuous search with on the fly mode switch
  • Portable, merge-able database to sync between systems
  • Import/export bookmarks from/to HTML, XBEL, Markdown or Orgfile
  • Smart tag management using redirection (>>, >, <<)
  • Multi-threaded full DB refresh
  • Manual encryption support
  • Shell completion scripts, man page with examples
  • Privacy-aware (no unconfirmed user data collection)


  • Windows
  • Linux
  • macOS
  • Termux (Android)



Resources & Downloads

GitHub - jarun/buku: :bookmark: Personal mini-web in text
:bookmark: Personal mini-web in text. Contribute to jarun/buku development by creating an account on GitHub.
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