Databag is a self-hosted messaging service for the decentralized web. Key features include decentralized and federated communication, public-private key-based identity, end-to-end encryption, audio and video calls, topic-based threads, lightweight and low latency server, unlimited accounts per node, and mobile alerts for new contacts, messages, and calls.

Databag is a feature-rich communication platform that offers seamless audio and video calling capabilities. To ensure a smooth connection even in the presence of network address translation (NAT), Databag leverages a STUN/TURN relay server. It has been extensively tested with popular implementations such as coturn and pion, and is expected to be compatible with any other TURN server implementation as well.


  • Decentralized Architecture: With Databag, you can enjoy direct communication between the application and server nodes, eliminating the need for any intermediaries. This ensures faster and more efficient communication.
  • Federated Communication: Databag allows accounts on different nodes to communicate with each other. This means that you can easily connect and interact with your contacts, regardless of the node they are using.
  • Robust Identity Management: Databag provides a secure and private identity management system based on public-private key encryption. Your identity is not bound to any specific blockchain or hosting domain, ensuring your privacy and freedom.
  • Enhanced Security: Databag employs end-to-end encryption, ensuring that your messages are secure and protected from unauthorized access. The hosting admin cannot view sealed topics, and by default, topics are unsealed for added privacy.
  • Seamless Audio and Video Calls: Databag offers the convenience of making audio and video calls right from the application. Please note that for nat traversal, a separate relay server may be required to ensure smooth communication.
  • Organized Messaging: With Databag's topic-based threads, you can easily organize your messages by topic rather than cluttering your inbox with numerous contacts. This allows for better organization and efficient communication.
  • Lightweight and Versatile: Databag is designed to be lightweight and can run on a Raspberry Pi Zero v1.3, making it an ideal choice for low-resource devices without compromising performance.
  • Minimal Latency: By utilizing websockets for push events, Databag ensures low latency communication, eliminating the need for constant polling. This results in a faster and more responsive messaging experience.
  • Unlimited Accounts: Databag allows you to host multiple accounts on a single node, making it perfect for hosting accounts for your entire family or team.
  • Stay Connected on the Go: With Databag, you can receive mobile alerts for new contacts, messages, and calls. It supports popular push notification services such as UnifiedPush, FCM, and APN, ensuring that you never miss an important communication.
  • Easy to install using Docker

With its extensive range of features and focus on privacy and security, Databag offers a comprehensive and reliable self-hosted messaging solution that caters to all your communication needs.


  • Android
  • iOS
  • Web


  • Apache-2.0 license


GitHub - balzack/databag: A tiny selfhosted federated messenger for the decentralized web.
A tiny selfhosted federated messenger for the decentralized web. - GitHub - balzack/databag: A tiny selfhosted federated messenger for the decentralized web.