Geo Bookmark: Mark And Export Your Geo Places in Android

Geo Bookmark: Mark And Export Your Geo Places in Android
Photo by GeoJango Maps / Unsplash

Geo Bookmark is an amazing lightweight Android app widget that allows you to bookmark your places and manage your Geo bookmarks collections.

Geo Bookmark is a home screen widget and a dash clock extension that allows you to quickly record your current whereabouts for later review with a single button press.

It is an old app that is released more than 8 years old, but it still works pretty good on the new phone and Android releases.

It is an ideal tool especially when you drive a car, as it takes one click to bookmark your geolocation.

Another awesome feature for this app is that it also records the exact time as you log them.

Use cases

  • You are driving down the road, something catches your attention, but you cannot pull over to investigate and you cannot safely text yourself a reminder.
  • You work "door to door" (e.g. pizza delivery, bike courier) and want to log your route.
  • You are on vacation and you want to mark a tourist attraction, a restaurant or a meeting point for returning to later.

How to use this app?

Here is a tutorial video on how to use the app:


The project is released under the Apache License Version 2.0


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