Orthanc : a developer friendly, free and Open source PACS/ DICOM Server for medical imaging.

Orthanc is an open-source standalone DICOM server aiming to provide easy implementation DICOM server with ease of installation, configuration, running and integration. The developers of Orthanc made it ready for almost all the usable operating systems as Windows, Linux and MacOSX. It has been used in many medical facilities around the world as well as integrated with some medical solutions and startup aiming to provide professional medical imaging services.

Developer note.

Orthanc is a developer friendly system as it has a ready RESTful API, to access, generate, download or store DICOM images within other systems. It's also very well documented, in terms of installation, configuration and running. It also provides very detailed documentation and well explained tutorials about Orthanc REST API for developers, Even more than how to write plugins for Orthanc.

DICOM Query Form. - Orthanc Demo
  • Written in C++
  • License : GPLv3.
  • NodeJS  Ready package
  • Ruby Ready
  • Docker Ready
  • MongoDB Plugin


The developers of Orthanc provided different plugin with different options for developers as 2 Database plugins : MySQL Or PostgreSQ. WebViewer Plugin.  The plugins are available for free to download and use. DICOMWeb which provides more developer friendly RESTful API to expand the native API for more usage and integrations.

Orthanc Pro : Commercial Services.

Orthanc is a free and open-source solution published under GPLv3. The user may download, install, and use it totally free. As well as modify it or release it. However, If he requires a professional support as support, custom development, integration, maintenance or training  it'll be in a form of a paid service.

Orthanc made the top list in: Top 10 open source PACS/ DICOM servers

OrthancPi:  Orthan on Raspberry Pi.

Orthanc can be installed on Raspberry Pi, It runs smoothly without any problems, it can convert Raspberry Pi to $35 PACS/ DICOM workstation.

Resources :

Note : DICOMWeb Plugin license AGPL is different than Orthanc License GPLv3.

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