Design Beautiful Maps Easily with TileMill

TileMill is a modern map design studio powered by Node.js and Mapnik.

Design Beautiful Maps Easily with TileMill

TileMill is a design environment developed by MapBox for cartography, constituting Mapnik as a renderer, CartoCSS as a stylesheet language, and a locally-served web interface with Node.JS as a server and based on Backbone.js for the client.

Older versions up to 0.10.x are available with a native GUI on all supported platforms.

TileMill works well to load OSM data from a PostGIS database, in addition to loading shapefiles, GeoTIFFs, GeoJSON files, CSV files, both locally and from URLs.

TileMill supports exporting to multiple formats: MBTiles, PDF, PNG, JPG and Mapnik XML configuration files. Mercator is the main-supported projection.


  • Create unlimited projects
  • Advanced layer manager
  • Easily add map layers
  • Import and export data
  • Style your map with a plain CSS
  • Add tooltips easily to your maps
  • Add map markers
  • Export maps to PDF, PNG, JPG, and map XML.
  • Import data from comma-separated values (CSV) file
  • Supports many Geo formats
  • Import CSV from a URL
  • Add a map legends with ease
  • Add a map teaser
  • Supports HTML for map legends
  • Add MapBox Geodata
  • Advanced zooming and marker grouping
  • Supports CartoCSS
  • Built-in support for high resolution tile
  • Suitable for designing heat maps
  • Export to MBTiles
  • TileMill is tested on Linux with Node 8.11.3 LTS, and on MacOS 10.14 with Node 8.15.0 lts/carbon
  • TileMill currently only works in server mode, there is no standalone GUI. Your browser is used for the interface.
  • There are no native packages provided. Installation requires cloning this repo. See details below under Installation.
  • Tilemill should theoretically work on the Windows platform, but it isn't tested


The project is built using Node.JS, and Backbone.js.


TileMill is released under the BSD 3-Clause "New" or "Revised" License.


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